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Emily Dickensons' poem 'There's a certain Slant of Light' is religious as it suggests that it could be in a cathedral but we dont know what the event is, The poem is spiritual and emotional its also subjective therefore we don't know exactly what the poem means. I think the poem could be about death and love.  "We can find no scar" this shows that is is emotional and not physical there are marks on her soul.This could be from losing a loved one. It then goes on to say "Seal Despair" which could suggest marriage, there is no going back. it could also be about spirtual understanding. Throughout the poem capatial letters are used to give a negative mood, "Heft", "Hurt", and "Death".  Emily Dickenson portrays love as decietful pain, one that the eye cannot conceive and hence 'We can find no scar'

Gemma Jewell :) - 258 and 341

The poems 258 and 341 link through the themes of pain and loss; one appears to be catharsis as it explains the experience of getting through loss and the other appears to be about her watching an event which triggers these emotions. Both contain conventions of Emily Dickinson’s work, such as random capital letters to emphasis certain, negative words and dashes to create a feeling of a stream of consciousness. Both poems contain connotations of death and religion, for example in poem 258 “That oppresses, like the Heft of Cathedral Tunes-” portrays an image of this heavy weight that is over-whelming her, this is a contrast to the traditional image of a cathedral, therefore it emphasises her pain. Similarly in the poem 341 “The stiff Heart questions was it He, that bore, And Yesterday, or Centuries before?” the word ‘He’ connotes God and is portraying how life and suffering is all around and has been there, highlighting how pain can never go away. By referencing religion and unseen feelings, creates a flow of transcendentalism in both poems. Out of both poems I prefer 341 as I believe the overall message is clearer and easily understood. The extended images seen in 341 of numbed consciousness and body parts (nerves, heart and feet) all help to portray a clear image of someone going through emotional and physical pain.


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