Poems 258 and 341 are similar in some ways but also to me have differences. With 258 the theme is loss, death and desire. I feel this is about Emily Dickinson watching a funeral and decided to write a poem on how she feels inside. In poem 258 she talks about how she has no scar but is hurt. This to me is about her mental pain in losing someone, rather than physical. It talks about the winter light and how it is a 'slant' this means that it was dark to start with and then this tiny bit of light came through. Her poems are all religious and it is shown in this when Emily Dickinson says 'cathedral tunes' as these are often played at a funeral. The end line in stanza 4 was the main part where i thought this poem was about death as it says 'On the look of Death' which means she is simply watching something to do with death which i think is a funeral that is taking place outside her window. 
        Poem 341 has the theme catharsis. This is when something bad happens t you but in the end you end up stronger. I feel that this poem is again about death and i feel like 258 Emily Dickinson is expressing her own feelings but watching a funeral that is taking place outside her window. Again in this poem it talks about religion when in stanza 1 line 3 she talks about 'he' meaning god. This makes me think it is about death as when you die it is supposedly that you go to heaven with god who once created you. The poem also talks about how the different parts of your body change when someone dies and how when you’re so upset and stressed your nervous system shuts down. This poem also talks about snow and how it melts and Emily Dickinson has related this to people as she has said that it melts which is simply what people do in a time of loss, they are low and sad but when the snow melts and when they start to move on the sun starts to appear which also bring you back to the poem 258 when she talks about a 'slant of light'. 
  I feel that the poems are different as poem 258 is about the funeral itself and the atmosphere and 341 are about how the people in themselves feel. But they are both about how religion is to do with death and how you must stay strong throughout. They are also both the same as i feel that both are not funerals Emily Dickinson is attending herself but she is in fact watching funerals from her room and has thought about her own loss in relation to them.
Geprgina Driver

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