The poem 'there's certain slant of light' i personally think is about religion. A lot of her poems have a reference to religion and i think this one is very much that. This is because it talks about the light and heavenly earth and i think Emily Dickinson is referring to death and how you will go to heaven once you die. She starts by saying there's a certain slant of light and to me this is talking about when you die people say you can see the light. Also it talks about 'cathedral tunes' which are usually played at a funeral. She says about no scar so it could be saying that someone close to her dies and she has been hurt but you cannot physically see the hurt in which she feels. Then in the last stanza on the last line she says 'on the look of death' this could be her looking out of her window at a funeral as she lives by a graveyard and Emily Dickinson did like to look at the graveyard a lot. So perhaps she wrote this after a death and seeing a funeral take place and instead of talking about how she felt she put it into a poem.
Georgina Driver.

Anglee Kumar

Emily Dickinson is a obsure character and her emotions and lifestyle is inflicted in her poems. The childhood was very plain and structures because her family were very high classed due to this she was restricted to do things and had to behave in a certain manner. Her personalilty made her a reclusive person and so her poems would become intreverted and complex to follow. This different attitude towards life may have impacted her work. Dickinson easily formed strong bonds with people but could shut down the rest of the world; this is why her poems are ambigous and she does not reference people in her poems. Her poetry became her emotional way of dealing with things and her main themes include pain and death. This infers she didn't live a pleasant life and wanted to express her individuality through her poems. It was a emotional way of dealing with her grief. It is almost like her poems are theroupetic because she wrote poems about death as it was an indirect pathway to share this emotion. Also her poems show breakdown and heavy loss which means she is immensely distressed and her relationship break up with George Goold had a massive impact on her life. Dickinson's poetry reflects her loneliness and the speakers of her poems generally live in a state of want, but her poems are also marked by the intimate recollection of inspirational moments which are decidedly life-giving and suggest the possibility of happiness. Religion is more or less introduced in every poem of Dickinson and she has resentment to her religion because it restrcts her from doing what she wants. She wants society to understand her but knows they can not becuase of their strong believe in religion therefore she decides to seclude herself from this built up society and indulge herself in her poems.


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