Natural Imagery is used a lot in Emily Dickinson’s poems as she
mentions a lot of natural things. In poem 258 the natural imagery is used by
talking about the sky and the light and in poem 341 it talks about the ground
  and air. Using natural imagery brings life to the poem and adds imagery. You
  can see how Emily Dickinson is feeling just by the way in which she writes and
  adding natural objects to it makes the poems sound more
Georgina Driver

Amy Smith - Natural Imagery

In the poem 258 Emily Dickinson mentions lots of different types of nature, she uses nature quite often in her poems whether it is to symbol her mental being or her actual state is how she portrays the natural imagery. In 258 she takes about the light and the winter afternoon and it shows how she is feeling and that the light could symbolise her and how in the winter there is no light, she does not only use the natural imagery such as landscapes she also uses seasons and animals in other poems that she has written which contain use of natural imagery. What it seems to do is to bring her and nature as one and it’s as if the nature understands her and her pain and sorrow and shows off her loneliness that she has. Other poems that show natural imagery is 341 where again she uses the season winter again but this time she mentions snow, this could reflect on her life or her being cold like the snowy season and how she mentions the ground and the air is the other natural imagery, her poems show a lot of natural imagery that can sometimes be very obvious in what her meaning about the poem is and its themes but sometimes the nature in the poem is just confusing and it does not show such an obvious theme or meaning that Emily Dickinson is trying to say. It is as if Dickinson is saying something that she can actually see or that the nature that Dickinson is trying to explain is about her dark and cold feelings or soul.

You can sometimes see how Emily Dickinson is feeling through the nature imagery but it is not always clear and that she is very confused about her feelings but she knows they are there, it is as if she is physically unaware of things but she is emotionally aware or everything around her and how it can symbol or represent her in the nature without having to say it clearly, by her not saying what is the themes in the poems it gives everyone the chance to get a different opinion and a different perspective of it. Another thing about her use of natural imagery is that everyone knows what landscapes look like and how the winter afternoons look and feel like the bitter cold on your cheeks could symbol anything the coldness of her heart or the cold body of her dead soul, using nature makes it a lot more effective as you can relate and imagine the images in your head and know what it is and how it looks and feels and then this could make it more realistic to relate to Dickinson.


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